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Our Story

BairdAE is a Premiere Multi-Disciplinary Architectural and Engineering Firm located in the City Of London, Ontario, Canada
Baird AE’s purpose is to provide outstanding design ideas and solutions for our clients through the modern combination of human need, environmental guidance, client value, science and art.
Strategic solutions result from a connection between engineering, planning and architectural teams that have the opportunity to explore alternatives, share experience and envision new ways to solve challenges of the built environment.

Our People

Our people set the foundation and define the company.  Our unique collaboration of engineers, planners and architects give Baird AE the opportunity to establish a modern approach to classic and consistent techniques.  Our mix of experienced specialists and new innovative professionals gives Baird AE a unique approach and advantage.  Although our team is comprised of different facets of design, we all share a common passion for creativity and problem solving.  Our talented staff make us leaders in the industry and trusted in all fields.