Shoreline Protection Design.

Shoreline Protection – Our Approach and Capabilities

With the recent dramatic fluctuations in water levels, our shorelines along Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair and the Lower Thames River, experienced a punishing blow.  Essex and Chatham-Kent property owners and municipalities located on and along these bodies of water are concerned. And rightly so, and wondering what’s next?

If you’re looking to upgrade, repair or install of new shoreline protection we’re the team you’ll want to engage. Baird AE is quite capable of providing a complete solution, including site assessment, engineering, design, permit applications, project management, and arrangements for the supply, construction and installation. Baird AE offers a wide variety of solutions, for both municipalities and property owners experiencing challenging slopes and erosion within their properties.

Baird AE is the premier engineering and architectural firm in Essex and Chatham-Kent. Our team of engineers and designers are leading the way in shoreline protection. We source rock from a variety of quarries,  and design engineer, creative natural stone shoreline replacements that are exciting, visually appealing and above all solve the problem.

Shoreline Protection –  Permits & Compliance

Obtaining Shoreline protection permits is a complicated process that requires coordination between and with Federal, Provincial, County, and Municipal governments,  It’s a regulatory minefield that requires a structured approach to obtain the necessary approvals that will be needed from each agency to assure successful completion.

Baird AE maintains strong relationships at all levels of regional authorities, providing us with the ability to offer shoreline protection from assessment to completion. We work with agencies such as Parks Canada, Department Of Fisheries and Oceans, Ministry of Natural Resources, Essex Regional  Conservation Authority, Thames Valley Conservation Authority, Local Municipal and County Governments and others as required.

Baird AE will deliver a complete shoreline protection package, properly designed and engineered to meet all local regulatory requirements,  a masterpiece you’ll be proud of.