Agricultural glasshouse in the Westland in Holland

Greenhouses. Let’s Grow Together.

Are you a greenhouse owner looking to expand?  Let us take care of everything.
We provide a variety of services for greenhouse developers:

  • Planning – we can negotiate on your behalf all aspects of Planning for the proposed site.
  • Storm Water Management – we’ll design the ponds, and drainage required for the proposed site.
  • Grading Plan – we’ll inspect, survey and lay out the proposed site plan.
  • Office Design – our architects and interior designers will design your corporate office.
  • Warehouse Design – our architects and engineers will design your warehouse facilities.
  • Structural Design – we’ll model the structural design to give you peace of mind.
  • Water Availability – we’ll model the proposed water usage and work with the local water authorities to make sure you have all the water you need.
  • Construction – we’ll inspect construction to make sure the project is built as specified.