At Baird AE we believe that engineering is the core of any development. Whether your municipality is proposing to construct new watermains, separate….
In the late 1800’s, Alexander Baird, one of the original drainage engineering pioneers in Ontario created the canal system known as the Holland Marsh…
Baird AE offers a variety of planning services from Master Plan development, Strategic Planning initiatives, Urban Design, Project Management….
Urban Design is the process of designing and shaping cities, towns and villages in an innovative, creative and practical way. Baird AE uses highly qualified….
We’ve put together a team specifically for developers. We’ll not only design your development, we’ll help finance it, help market it, and help sell it….
Our staff have been designing municipal water, storm water, and sanitary systems for over 40 years. We currently provide a number of….
The team at Baird AE is committed to assisting the client with a creative planning approach to problem solving and facilitation of their development….
A Master Plan is a comprehensive study that examines a neighbourhood or community. The Master Plan provides an identity to the neighbourhood….
Are you a greenhouse owner looking to expand? Let us take care of everything. We provide a variety of services for greenhouse developers….
Baird AE’s structural department designs the following: Retaining walls, Structural beams (steel, concrete, wood), Structural columns….
As project managers, we bring together all the professionals at Baird AE to provide the following services: Project planning, Project management….
With the recent dramatic fluctuations in water levels, our shorelines along Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair and the Lower Thames River, experienced a punishing blow…